One of the upsides of Libra Business Centre is the location in the vicinity of one of Warsaw's main arteries, warranting quick access to the centre and the prestige stemming from the setting in the frontage development of Jerozolimskie Aves. The building's excellent visibility implicates superb advertisement space for the Clients' trademark. The higher floors of  Libra Business Centre provide a memorable vista of Warsaw. The location of Libra Business Centre by a transportation node encourages to opt for greener transportation means such as rail, bus or bike.

The main advantages of the location feature:

  • proximity of the city centre – approx. 4 km;
  • numerous parking spaces on a two-floor underground parking lot as well as in the immediate vicinity of the office building;
  • convenient access by public means of transportation from all city districts – a total of 6 bus lines within the immediate neighbourhood of the office building;
  • quick access to the OkÄ™cie airport – approx. 6 km;
  •  WKD city rail Jerozolimskie Aves., ensuring quick access to both the centre and suburbs of Warsaw.


Libra Business Centre is situated in the vicinity of the seats of major international consortia  such as Microsoft, Philips, Fuji, or Deutsche Bank. LBC's closest neighbour is the company Daimler AG. Within 2 km radius there are the shopping centres Blue City, Reduta, E.Leclerc, Macro and Castorama.

Thanks to ongoing office investments as well as rapid infrastructure development (scheduled SN node) Jerozolimskie Aves. Are assuming the character of major communication arteries encountered in large European metropolies, a property hard to find elsewhere in Warsaw.