Existing walls of tenement house at Jasna 26 are 60 years old, however history of the building began 150 years ago.

In 1866 in place of the existing building hotel Victoria was put up – a long two-storey building with a mansard roof and 75 rooms. The building was designed by architect Piotr Frydrych, who was also the owner of the plot. Up to 90 years of the nineteenth century Victoria belonged to highest standard hotels. The hotel was famous from its richly decorated interiors, painted by renown artist Wojciech Gerson.

At the beginning of twentieth century hotel Victoria was modernised, wherein its structure remained unchanged until world war II. The hotel was famous from arranging “vocal meetings” accompanied by famous artists from Warsaw music scene. Interiors of the hotel were accommodated by numerous illustrious guests, including Latvian consulate.  

The building lasted until 1944. During first days of the Warsaw Uprising it served as headquarters of the Uprising commander, Col. Antoni Chruściel “Monter”. Journal of an AK activist, Stefania Aluchna points out that already on the 5th of August insurgents moped to another location due to complete destruction of the building at Jasna 26. Photos from this period exhibit Dąbrowski Square and surrounding buildings as one big ruble.

Right after the war, on cinders of former Victoria Hotel a modern office building was raised, with similar shape but completely different architecture than its predecessor. New building was designed by architect Mark Suzin, maintaining the modernistic spirit, the Investor was Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. The construction encompassed 96 office rooms and machine hall.

Tenement building at Jasna 26 has lasted until year 2010 in its unchanged form since the post-war reconstruction. In 2010 new owner, Mermaid Properties Sp. z o.o., began first renovation works and simultaneously opened new chapter in this object’s history. Already in 2014 building will be capitally modernized and expanded with two new wings in the backyard, creating a modern A-class office building.


Photos from the time of Warsaw Uprising, source: The Warsaw Rising Museum


Author: Eugeniusz Lokajski
Bombed house in Jasna; view from Świętokrzyska street in the direction of Dąbrowskiego Square.
Picture date: First decade of August 1944.





Picture description: Dąbrowskiego Square, direction East. Return of a group of Insurgents form "Anna" company from "Gustaw" Battalion moving from position "Dom Hersego" to the quarters in Insurance Company "Polonia" at Jasna 19 (on the right). In the background on the right side: house at Dąbrowskiego Square 2, hotel Victoria at Jasna 26.
Picture date: Second half of September 1944.





Description: Photo from the Warsaw Rising. Lt. Stefan Szempliński "Stefan" from "Anna" company from "Gustaw" Battalion in front of hotel Victoria at Jasna 26. Behind him there is a burning car. Szempliński hold 10 dollars in his hand, first and last pay during the Rising.
Picture date: 5th October 1944.