The property in Jasna 26 comprises a land lot with the area of 1 897 m2  as well as 2 buildings: an office building with the area of  3 691 m2 and a garage building with the area of  232,6 m2. Both buildings are to undergo complete refurbishment and modernization. The land lot is owned by the Treasury of the State, while the perpetual usufructuary is the Jasna Residence Sp. z o.o. SKA (perpetual usufruct until 05.12.2089) that also possesses both buildings. As of now, no urban zoning plan has been approved for the said location. According to the Study of  10.10.2006, the property is situated on a land lot labelled with the symbol  C.30 – multiple function area. The area whereupon the residence is located, falls under the supervision of the Municipal Historic Buildings Conservation Officer. The building was subject to alteration in 1949. Pursuant to the recommendations laid down by the Conservation officer, some front elements as well as further development of the land lot should draw on the original profile. One floor of superstructure is admissible. The land lot shows the shape of „L”.


The environs of Jasna 26 is predominantly developed with historical renthouses and stands out with respect to the density f development. The renthouses were erected in either pre- or postwar era. They feature internal courtyards and retail suites. .In the immediate vicinity of Jasna 26 there are situated the seat of the Supreme Administrative Court as well as restaurants, pharmacies, two art galleries, the Embassy of Italy and a renowned school.

In the current condition, the building comprises 6 overground floors and one underground. The building is equipped with an elevator. The ground floor features retail suites and a three-piece residential apartment with access from the courtyard. Until 2007 the property had served as an office building, entire space was leased by the „Dom Książki” publishing house. Currently, the building is not leased. Construction front works are underway – a scaffolding has been assembled on the front of the building, all internal partition walls have been removed, leaving an open space on each floor.