The investment involves the refurbishment of the existent housing, its modernization as well as adaptation to meet the highest standards set out for office space. In order to provide the most office space possible, the building shall be enlarged by means of two additional wings overlooking the courtyard. The scope of refurbishment and modernization works is as follows:


  • new windows and doors placements,
  • interior plastering,
  • floor screed placement,
  • tile placement,
  • bathroom refurbishment,
  • carpet placement,
  • drop ceilings installation,
  • plaster-cardboard walls installation,
  • painting works,
  • new elevator installation,
  • staircase refurbishment,
  • front refurbishment
  • new roof placement,
  • novel entrance and fence,
  • modernization shall apply to technical infrastructure – electric, teletechnical, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and a fire alarm signalling system


Jasna 26 shall become an office building of grade A with retail suites on the ground floor. The buildings is to have 6 overground floors and an underground  parking lot with approximately 60 parking spaces (426 m2.). The area of the ground floor that is to feature retail suites shall amount to approximately 950 m2. The office floors shall reach approximately 800 m2. Gross total lease space within the building is estimated at approx. 5 250 m2. The shared space rate shall exceed 5,95%. The building shall be accepted for use in the 4th quarter of 2013. The Figure below depicts the recurrent floor design (1 – 3).

Jasna 26 as a building of grade A warrants the following fit-out standard: 



  • open space,
  • shared areas,
  • front desk,
  • fully equipped and functional sanitary facilities
  • air-conditioning and ventilation,
  • city central heating,
  • BMS (Building Management System),
  • optical fibre
  • fire alarm signalling system,
  • access vigilance system,
  • flexible office space layout system,
  • drop ceilings,
  • raised floors – optional,
  • premises wiring – optional.